Buy 2007 runescape gold on Rsorder to trade existing tier clues in for a Master Clue

Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 26, 2016 06:10 EEST

Still remember the last time clue scroll expansion? There will be a new tier of clue scroll - the master tier and some untradeable rewards will be added to the existing tiers. In fact, how to obtain the master clues which offer great rewards has become one controversial topic on Reddit.

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Before being able to get your hands on a master clue scroll you will first need sacrifice one clue scroll of every other tier, an easy, medium, hard and elite clue. This is the proposed method to obtain the master clues. “There's so many junk items from beginner/med/hard clues floating around we hardly need any more of them in the game.” one of you expressed the support. Some of you think the whole point of a master clue is to have to give up the other 4 tiers. Trading existing tier clues in for a master clue is the right choice.

As active clue doers, some of you would like to do clues of all tiers to get scroll parts and forge the master scroll. This is how it will work: every clue you complete you will get a master clue scroll part. On completion of an easy clue, you will get the regular clue loot you would get today, and it will include a master clue scroll part 1. Mediums, hards, and elites would give you parts 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

It is better that new content co-exist with older content rather than making old content redundant and irrelevant. And giving away all 4 of the clues for one single master clue seems unfavorable. The parts are a recognition that you completed that clue, and Ned will see that you are worth of actually doing the clues, instead of seeing that you've obtained them all. This doesn’t demotivate you from doing existing clue scrolls.

You can have both options - mass farming Masters for less money, or doing clues as normal, taking significantly longer. In this way, some of you who want to still do the clues normally would still have incentive to do so, but the rest of you hunting for master clues could get there more quickly.

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