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Co-creation of the cityscape flourishing in Helsinki, World Design Capital 2012

Lehdistötiedote   •   Elo 07, 2012 16:45 EEST

Helsinki, August 1, 2012:  Klaus K – an active member in the Finnish cultural community – is launching a co-creation project called “The Klaus K Living Room Project”, in which everyone is invited to take part in sharing ideas for the upcoming renovation of the hotel lobby. The outcome of the renovation will be a new living room for downtown Helsinki, at the heart of the design district: a world-class lounge, a destination space where people meet, work, eat, drink and socialize.  

The development of ideas is open for all to join in and follow and vote on Facebook. Anyone can participate in the ideation by submitting something about: aroma, lighting, games, a chair, scribbled on a napkin or a 3D architectural blueprint. The Co-Creation project will take place from 1 – 31.8.2012. A jury will pick one winner, who gets to be a designer for a day working with Marc Skvorc, the general manager of Klaus K and the interior design agency Stylt Trampoli in Gothenburg, which are in charge of the renovation project.

 “Taking the hotel out of the hotel has always been one of my leading philosophies. Our way of working is about challenging the traditional aspects of the hotel business and making our guests lives enriched”, says Marc Skvorc. “With our renovation, we wanted to turn the normally business-led design procedure around and give guests a direct access to creating this renewal. We see openness as a key element in managing a flourishing community.”

The project is a part of the official program for the Helsinki Design Week and its results along with the winning submission will be presented at a Helsinki Design Week party at Klaus K in September.

Facebook page: The Klaus K Living Room Project

Klaus K Helsinki: Opened in 2005, 139 rooms, 6 meeting spaces, 2 restaurants, 1 bar and club, 1 sauna; design and concept inspired by Finland’s national epic, Kalevala; Signature Hotel of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

Stylt Trampoli, Gothenburg, Sweden: portfolio consisting over twenty years of work and over 400 restaurants and 250 hotels nationally and internationally

Come and see how we are taking the hotel out of the hotel! Klaus K is your address whether you are travelling for business or personal exploration. Let us be your host in Helsinki. We are a family business with a young spirited team that is dedicated to providing you uncomplicated service with the genuine intent to enrich your life.
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