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Bounty hunter is an extension to the Wilderness, which themes it up with a minigame. Players are periodically assigned a target to kill and gain rewards for killing that target, known as a bounty kill. While waiting for a target players are welcome to kill anyone they see that isn't their target, this is known as a rogue kill.

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Bounty Hunter Worlds

Bounty hunter will be restricted to two worlds: one Legacy only and one EoC only. Legacy and EoC get separate worlds since they cannot competitively fight each other, and the number of worlds will be restricted to get good volumes of players together.

On bounty worlds, players will only be able to enter Edgeville, Varrock Grand Exchange and the Wilderness. All other areas of the game will be restricted.

The Bounty System

After a short period of being logged in to a bounty world, two players will be assigned to kill each other as bounty targets. It is down to those players to find and kill each other. A hint arrow will show on screen what direction their target can be found at, and an unlockable spell will offer a teleport directly to their bounty target.

Getting a target

The time it takes to get a target varies but should take around 15 minutes on average. While waiting, players are encouraged to fight other players waiting for a target and will be rewarded for doing so.

After a short minimum waiting period a player is added to a queue and match made against other players. Matchmaking is matched on a new rating system called Bounty Rating. The difference between a bounty targets ratings depends on how long they have been waiting, the longer a player has been waiting for a target the larger the difference between theirs and their opponents rating can be.

Bounty Rating

Bounty rating is an Elo-based rating system. A player's rating is defined by their rating bracket and their bracket rating.

A player's bracket groups them with a large amount of players of a similar skill and are primarily matched up against those. The brackets for bounty hunter are named after the revenants:

Dark Beast
Inside each bracket a player has a rating number. This number compares them to every other player in the bracket. Brackets will be re-calculated once a week. Initially, only Imp bracket will be live. New brackets will be introduced once a week until all brackets are introduced.

Gaining or losing rating

Rating is gained or lost when a player is killed on a bounty world. The Bounty Rating system uses an Elo-based system. When two players fight, the amount of rating they can gain or lose from the fight depends on their opponents rating. Fighting an opponent with a higher rating awards more rating as a reward and means losing less rating from losing. Fighting an opponent with a lower rating leads to smaller rating gains for winning and larger rating losses for losing a fight.

Getting Bounty Rewards

Rewards for bounty hunter will be taking inspiration from old school in that we will be using emblems which trade in for points in the reward store. Emblems will come in 10 tiers and your first tier emblem is guaranteed on a bounty kill. After that a bounty emblem needs to be held in a player inventory when a kill is made for it to upgrade. Statistically it is always worth upgrading an emblem as the amount of bounty reward points it is worth is higher than the chance for it to upgrade.

The chance for an emblem to upgrade is influenced by the following things:

Rogue kills do award emblems but a bounty kill is far more likely to upgrade an emblem.
A bounty emblem knows how many times it didn't upgrade; the more times it didn't upgrade the greater the chance of it upgrading.
Killing an opponent of a high rating increases your chance of upgrading an emblem. Killing an opponent of a lower rating lowers your chance of upgrading an emblem.


A hiscores table for ratings will not be released alongside the bounty hunter update. We do plan to release then around the time that Dragon league is released. In the mean time you will be able to quick chat your rating and show off your league with one of the rewards detailed below.

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