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Lehdistötiedote   •   Heinä 04, 2016 09:52 EEST

The ENTIRETY of July has an Eastern Lands theme, and that starts with our first update: The Invasion of Port Sarim.

This is an attack that's been building since May's Meg Cases, when you uncovered a plot to pilfer people and take them to the Eastern Lands.

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On the 15th of July, these kidnappers will steal a ship off the coast of Port Sarim and send volleys of cannonballs into the town. No pirate, monk or seagull will be safe!

A ship fires its cannons!
Defend the town in an event similar to Invasion of Falador. Fire, fight and fortify to be rewarded with XP plus swathes of cosmetic rewards, like this oar override.

Port Sarim Oar Override
The two-week event will be free-to-play and without any level requirements, so there's every reason to get your whiskers wet. As you've probably noted from these lovely shots, the Invasion brings a graphical rework of Port Sarim. Getting a boat to Entrana has never been so sexy.

Gather a Crew | Miniquest All of this is leading up to an epic voyage east, and there's no way to do that without a good crew. Pull together a rag-tag band to accompany you on your journey, and earn a unique emote while you're at it.

Build a Ship | Community Event Next up, it's time to build a ship to the Eastern Lands, and take the fight to the kidnappers. This is a community event in the same vein as The Lost Sword of Raddallin and the God Wars Encampment.

Gain XP in different skills and boost them with golden tools that you gain from Treasure Hunter. Note that participation in the Build a Ship event is not a requirement for travelling to the Arc.

Explore the Arc Region

Now, the way is clear. It's time to go to the Eastern Lands, and I have the pleasure of announcing that it is coming on the 25th of July.

What excites me most about the Eastern Lands is that this was an update decided by you. You came up with the idea on Runelabs, you voted for it in a Player Power Poll, and you contributed hundreds of ideas. Now, YOU get to explore your creation.

And that's the focus of the Arc region: exploration. Explore billions of possible uncharted islands and find one for you. See what treasure chests, skilling resources or combat encounters are on that island and make a decision: do you want to keep this island forever?

If you do, you can stick a flag in it and its yours. If you don't, then you can move on to the next one.

You will also get to explore three larger islands - not random, but stuffed with things to do. Waiko is the trade hub and offers some brand new skilling locations. Whale's Maw is a new Hunter and Fishing training area, while Aminishi is a grand temple dedicated to spirit dragons: a slayer monster with a shady secret.

You'll also get four miniquests that will bring an end to the kidnappers that started this all. Any RuneScape member can make the journey to the Eastern Lands, so make sure you pay a visit. Chartering a ship to the Uncharted Isles requires resources, however, and to get resources, you will need level 90 in Fishing, Hunter, Slayer or Woodcutting. Make sure you have one of these if you want to claim your island.

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