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Lehdistötiedote   •   Heinä 19, 2016 06:23 EEST

Look out for the latest batch of patches, including some handy tweaks to the combat options from the Ninjas, two classic RuneScape pets, and a graphically enhanced Shadow Dragoon Outfit on Solomon's General Store.

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Highlights of this week's patch notes include a couple of neat combat tweaks from our friendly in-house Ninjas.

First up, it is now possible to train Attack and Strength without also training Defence.

Next, we've removed the Momentum combat mode. Used regularly by only 2% of players, Momentum was only frequently used for Chompy Bird Hunting - for which, we've included a fix that allows ability usage.

We've also added Crunchy and Tim as follower pets for those of you who've completed Gower Quest. Just speak to them in the bar to unlock their smaller, cuter namesakes.

From today until Monday 1st August, the Shadow Dragoon Outfit returns to Solomon's Store with a 10% discount, and looking more impressive than ever before.

The outfit has now been fully optimised for NXT, and has an altogether smoother texture.

Please note: If you have previously purchased the Shadow Dragoon Outfit, your outfit will be upgraded to the enhanced version free of charge.

The Shadow Dragoon Outfit costs 380 RC for free players and 342 RC for members and will be removed once again in two weeks' time, so make sure you grab it before it disappears!

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