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The first three islands of an area called The Arc are now here for you to explore!

Get ready for a host of different action-packed activities, challenges, skilling opportunities, miniquests, characters, nuggets of lore and so much more.

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Arrive first at the trade hub of Waiko. Talk to the various characters who inhabit this bustling and vibrant marketplace.

Take on miniquests, continue the Slaver storyline or carry out tasks to earn the unique currency, chimes, which can be spent on the resources necessary to start the second part of this initial Eastern Lands release: exploring the Uncharted Isles, but more on that later in the post!

Secondly, travel to Whale’s Maw. Located in prime fishing waters this is the perfect spot for training your Fishing and Hunter skills.

Whale's Maw
Finally there's Aminishi – a Slayer-focussed island. Investigate the mysterious cult of monks who inhabit it and discover their links to the monstrous spirit dragons. What secrets will you discover in this strange and wondrous place?

Additional islands, some of which you can see on the Arc’s map screen, will be added in future content releases. For now, let’s look at the other part of this bumper initial Eastern Lands update.

Explore the Uncharted Isles – find your own island paradise

Once you have earned enough chimes, the unique currency of the Eastern Lands, you will be able to spend them on Supplies from the market in Waiko. Once you have enough Supplies (and meet a level requirement – detailed above) you will be able to explore the Uncharted Isles.

Uncharted Islands
This is a procedurally generated region where every voyage brings up more uniquely shaped islands with random assortments of resources.

Land on any island you discover, skill, kill or chill there for a while, then move on to the next one in search of different riches.

This is where the really high-level skilling is to be discovered in the Eastern Lands and you’ll have to keep on exploring the Uncharted Isles for a chance to find it.

When you find one you like, place a flag on it to save it as your own permanent, private resort. Once decided upon, you can return to your island whenever you like. Perhaps you picked it because of its abundance of useful skilling resources or perhaps you just like the shape – it’s up to you to explore and discover. You can even add customisation to your new base too, including a fabulous hammock that you can use to change the time of day.

The best islands with the biggest riches will cost the most of supplies to reach. Save up by taking part in as many Arc activities as possible and launch a voyage farther into the unknown that any ‘Scaper has gone before!

Remember - this is only the first part of the Eastern Lands expansion and many more features are planned. Stay tuned for further news of the upcoming additions to this wonderful new horizon for RuneScape. Now get exploring!

The Eastern Lands are all about exploring and it’s a clean slate for you all. What will you discover?

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