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Extreme Networks, Identity Management – Solution

Lehdistötiedote   •   Joulu 05, 2011 17:10 EET

Network and IT functions are now faced with the challenge of managing network-wide access rights for users in a consistent manner, ensuring that users have access to the right applications and resources at the right time, and at the right location.
Extreme Networks Identity Manager solution offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to help IT managers effectively manage and enforce network-wide role-based access control.

  • The Ridgeline Identity Manager provides the management and provisioning functions to create and manage roles that can be used to classify or categorize various users including employees, contractors, guests and others that connect to the organization network.
  • The Ridgeline policy manager can be used to create granular policy constructs that can be associated with roles.
  • Ridgeline deploys roles along with the match criteria and policies to ExtremeXOS switches in the network.
  • The Identity Manager feature in ExtremeXOS discovers identities in the network and places the identities into roles based on the configured match criteria. The policies associated with these roles are also enforced in the switches.
  • The identities discovered in the network are reported by ExtremeXOS switches to Ridgeline in real-time along with details such as the role, NetBIOS host name, MAC address, IP ARP binding, etc.
  • The Identity Manager feature in Ridgeline provides a real-time view of all identities across the network.