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Port Sarim Invasion released from July 11 to 23:59 UTC on 25th July, which have run for a while time. Therefore, you must be busy with this incentive game even in the important time. In order to combat pirates smoothly, you should gathered enough?RS 3 cheap gold?in advance. RS3gold offers you RS 3 gold for sale with lower price at any time.

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The way of starting Port Sarim Invasion
The?Port Sarim Invasion will last for two weeks. Moreover, the event is started by talking to?Seasinger Jemi?in?Burthorpe?or?Guard Captain Roarkwin?next to the Port Sarim lodestone. Then, 200?Tokens will gave, you can use your tokens to configure what experience you receive from the various activities.

Rewards of Port Sarim Invasion
As we know, it is under attack from Jed and his vicious band of slavers. From skilling to killing, you can earn fantastic reward tokens in the process by repelling the pirates. Once you have enough tokens, you can convert them into awesome items like oar weapon overrides, various XP lamps, a Skulls pirate cape and the bizarrely awesome cannonball head cosmetic.

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Tips of earning more tokens
In order to earn tokens, you can kill the attacking pirates. In addition, you can get tokens by making cannonballs. Of course, there are another ways to gain more tokens, such as making batches of gunpowder, repairing the prison walls or firing the cannon at Jed's ship. Additionally, buy runescape 3 gold cheap on RS3gold can help you combat smoothly and earn more tokens easily.

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