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Groundbreaking media and technology event in Tampere! - MindTrek teams up with National Technology Entrepreneurship Days creating a unique ensemble

Lehdistötiedote   •   Heinä 01, 2013 14:13 EEST

A unique top-of-the-range festival takes over Finlayson – the heart of Tampere’s history of technology – in October 1st-2nd, combining the steaming topics of tomorrow’s digital media and technology entrepreneurship. From the festival schedule you will find inspiring keynotes from visionaries and successors in the area of the digital media and technology as well as an inventive off-programme.  You will also be able to experience fierce discussions, fascinating workshops and laid-back opportunities for networking.

MindTrek is an international, annual festival about the future of tech, media and knowledge which introduces the newest phenomena in the digital world. This year the focus is e.g. on robotics, cyber safety and augmented reality. Mindtrek’s curious mind is summarized in the slogan, ”Discovering tomorrow”. MindTrek has been organized in Tampere since 1997.

The National Technology Entrepreneurship Days aids and sheds light on Finnish entrepreneurship in the field of technology. Technology Entrepreneurship Days 2013 wants to inspire its audience and share stories, where collaboration between different lines of business and creating new ideas that inspired success. In previous years National Entrepreneurship Days has been organized in Oulu and next year it will continue its way to Vaasa.

Altogether these events have gathered annually almost 1500 visits which consist of professionals, academic experts, students and thinkers from all around the world. This year’s super event reaches out for an even greater crowd and offers more magnificent festival experiences than ever before.

“One Event to rule them all, One Event to find them,
One Event to bring them all and in the Brightness bind them.

In the Land of Tampere where the digital media lie.”

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