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Klaus K is to reveal their latest art project

Lehdistötiedote   •   Elo 14, 2012 14:03 EEST

"I am excited to be the third in our hotel rooms have become a permanent state of a work. First, Jani Leinonen and Riiko Sakkinen carried out by the wall paintings have been made already in 2008. My goal has been to use a hotel as an exhibition space, which has been the annual rate of 2-4 exhibitions since 2007. These exhibitions have inspired to move forward in some rooms and customers now have the opportunity to enjoy art in private, "says Klaus K general manager Marc Skvorc.

"For years I have done installations for  museums and galleries, in which viewers get into the worlds of my paintings. Many people have regretted not being able to spend enough time in the space. And at the end of the exhibitions the murals have been painted over. Now, at Klaus K Hotel, I have made the first permanent painting installation, in which people can live, fall asleep and wake up. I myself am quite fascinated with the whole making process and outcome. I am grateful to Mia and Marc Skvorc for the courage, that they called me for this task! ", Says Katja Tukiainen.

Katja Tukiainen
Katja Tukiainen (born 1969 in Pori) is a Helsinki-based artist who creates paintings, cartoons and installations. Her works have been exhibited in several solo and joint exhibitions, galleries and museums, in Finland and abroad. Tukiainen, builds her painting installations for various locations, and emphasizes the fabulous atmosphere in the space with the use of for instance animation and lighting. Currently her eight-meter tall painting installations, "Paradis k (Kidnapp)" is on display at Kiasma, and the Amos Anderson Art Museum's "Boutique" exhibition displays girl army, whose clothing is made by Samu-Jussi Koski a man behind the fashion brand Samuji. Tukiainen has received recognition like William Thuring-title award (2011) and the State Prize of Design (2007). Tukiainen has also worked several years in India developing a human rights cartoon project. www.katjat.net

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Klaus K Located in Helsinki, Klaus K was opened in 2005, and it's a member of Design Hotels ™. The hotel has 139 rooms, six meeting rooms, a sauna, Restaurants Ilmatar and Toscanini, and Ahjo Bar-and-night club. The hotel design and concept is inspired by Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. www.klauskhotel.com