Philips brings clean lines and contemporary design with La Lente

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Innovative lighting adds warmth and modern elegance to your home

Kontich, Belgium – Philips unveils La Lente, a table luminaire from Lirio by Philips, that spreads indirect light from a hidden source. Inspired by the shape of a magnifying glass, the unique acrylic design gently casts light down its funnel shape, to radiate a soft warm light.

Diffusing light

La Lente works by creating a glow that softly reflects within its funnel shape, casting a warm light. The minimalist design evenly distributes warm light powered by Philips LED – combining innovative technology with unusual accent lighting.


La Lente embodies the very best in European craftsmanship and design. The clean design of its intriguing body is unspoiled by switches or buttons, with a hidden dimming pad on the back of the lamp to adjust the intensity of the glow. Available in White and Soft Blue Abyss, La Lente could easily be mistaken for a piece of contemporary art due to its smooth, curved unified lines.

Trend alert: Acrylic and moulded white finishes are a great way to add a bit of modern style, yet maintain a touch of softness.  Designed for modern living, such finishes are truly practical yet sure to make a subtle statement.

Top tip: Use La Lente as a design feature in your home. Due to its unique contemporary lines and defined form, it can act as a modern sculpture or artifact as well as a clever table lamp.

Recommended Retail Price: €176

Philips La Lente: Key Features

·  La Lente has an acrylic base available in White and Abyss Blue

·  Incorporates an hidden touch dimmer on its back side

·  Features a braided wire for an exclusive touch

·  LM Area LED strip 370 Lumen

·  H235mm - L175mm - W180mm

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