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Lehdistötiedote   •   Tammi 20, 2016 07:32 EET

According to the British "Fut 16 Coins" news, recently, an obsessed teenager The us Fifa 16 Coins football game annoyed his pops, because the bill incredible game, the teenager was Dad "off-limits order. "

The FIFA soccer online game obsessed boy from The us Pemberton, recently, his father Perkins received an amount of up to £ 5255 expenses, and all it will take is spending his son inside FIFA game, which let Perkins quite annoyed.

In an interview, Perkins said, "This stumped me, really stumped me, when I see the necessity to pay for the time he thought it absolutely was a one-time charge with the game, he was just including me ignorant, he does not understand every move or each and every time you play the game whenever they are being asked to cover. "

It is reported that will, for the father, then the son will not want to hear, and angry son Perkins produced the "off-limits order", actually, is allowed to play any of the games, "In the future, in my house, never never there Xbox 360 system, or any other computer game. " fifapointgreat

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