Philips CEO speaks about sustainable innovations in two sessions at the Global Green Growth Forum 2012 in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark – Frans van Houten, Philips President & CEO is special invited as keynote speaker in two sessions at the Global Green Growth Forum 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark, that starts today. Frans van Houten will discuss how we can lead our way out of the crisis through innovation.

The first topic to be discusses is about innovation for sustainable cities. By 2050 over two thirds of us will be living in cities. Lighting accounts for 19% of the world’s electricity consumption, so how can we meet this challenge? Significant savings are possible – on average 40% – simply by switching to energy-efficient lighting technologies such as LED (light-emitting diodes). On a global level these savings amount to €128 billion in reduced electricity cost, 670 million tons of CO2, or the equivalent of 642 power plants.

Another subject in the program is the need of transformation into a more efficient healthcare system. Today, there are more than 900 million people around the world who are over the age of 60. This number will grow to 2.4 billion by 2050. The healthcare crisis is confronting us. But solutions are possible.

Technologies can be implemented by cities to help seniors maintain independence and engagement – which are two key elements of ensuring a better aging experience. One example of increasing patient’s empowerment is to move healthcare from hospital to home. Home healthcare technologies can help people at risk or with chronic conditions includes fall monitors, tele-monitoring systems and medical alert services.

Frans van Houten will talk about the importance of leadership in both the public and private sector to step up sustainable innovation. He will argue that we should see the current challenging economic climate as an opportunity to invest in solutions that will both improve people’s lives and drive economic growth.

— Investment in innovation to make the world more sustainable can kick-start the global economy. It is important that governments work hand in hand with the private sector to remove barriers and obstacles to green growth. The 3GF offers a platform for this and I am pleased to see more governments join and embrace sustainable development as part of their economic policies, says Frans van Houten, CEO Royal Philips Electronics

Studies on green growth opportunities from the OECD, UNEP and the World Bank conclude that the economic opportunity in ‘going green’ is worth several trillion dollars between now and 2030.

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About Global Green Growth Forum 2012
The Forum will provide a platform for expanding and further developing Public Private Partnerships on Bio-based growth, Energy Efficiency, Finance, Green Growth Cities, Sustainable Trade, Water, and Power Systems Transformation. See more about 3GF

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Royal Philips Electronics (Alankomaat) (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) on kansainvälinen terveydenhuolto- ja hyvinvointiratkaisujen tarjoaja, joka keskittyy parantamaan ihmisten jokapäiväistä hyvinvointia ajankohtaisten innovaatioiden avulla. Maailman johtavana terveydenhuolto-, valaistus- ja lifestyle-ratkaisujen tarjoajana Philips yhdistää tuotteissaan teknologian ja muotoilun asiakaslähtöisesti sekä toimii tavaramerkkilupauksensa ”sense and simplicity” mukaisesti. Pääkonttori sijaitsee Alankomaissa, ja Philipsillä on 122 000 työntekijää yhteensä yli 100 maassa. Vuonna 2011 yritys saavutti 22,6 miljardin euron liikevaihdon ja se on markkinajohtaja niin lääketieteellisen sydän, akuutti- ja kotihoitolaitteiston kuin energiatehokkaiden valaistusratkaisujen ja lifestyle- ja hyvinvointituotteidenkin alalla. Tämän lisäksi Philips on vahvassa johtavassa asemassa taulutelevisioiden, miesten parranajo- ja karvanpoistotuotteiden, kannettavien ääni- ja videotuotteiden sekä hammashoitotuotteiden tarjoajana.