Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk

Press information about the summer exhibition ÖAR - Island Crafts

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 21, 2019 15:32 EET

Åland Slöjd & Konsthantverk r.f. in collaboration with the Åland Museum, are organizing an craft exhibition in Eckerö Post & Customs House during May-August 2019.

The project is a Nordic project where we have invited craftsmen from other Nordic islands to participate in the exhibition, which we call ÖAR - Island Craft. (ÖAR=Islands)

The invited islands are:

Bornholm / Denmark and the association ACAB, ARTS & CRAFTS ASSOCIATION BORNHOLM, 11 participants.

Gotland / Sweden and the craft association of Gotland County, 21 participants.

Hiiumaa (+ Muhumaa and Saaremaa)/ Estonia, and Hiiumaa Käsitööselts and HiKu Hiiumaa Loovisikute Vabaühendus HiKu, a total of 19 participants.

From the Åland Islands, we now have 34 participants, whose products will be judged by an expert group in early February.

In total, there are around 80 exhibiting artisans from 4 different countries in Eckerö Post & Tullhus this summer, a big and fun project!

The exhibition will be organized in collaboration with Eckerö Post & Tullhus / Åland Museum. Intendent Ted Chikasha and managing director Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist, Saara Karrenpalo, Linda Karlsson and Birgitta Häggblom from Åland's Slöjd & Konsthantverk, are part of the group working on planning and form of the exhibition. Daniel Johansson is graphic designer for the project.

ÖAR - Island Craft opens on the 4th of May 2019 at. 14-16.

Ålands Slöjd och Konsthantverk är en förening för den som tycker om och vill stödja hantverk, design och konsthantverk på Åland. Föreningen har runt 130 medlemmar, både utövande hantverkare, studerande och hantverksintresserade.