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Publication: Local innovation in substance abuse care

Lehdistötiedote   •   Helmi 14, 2017 09:13 EET

In all of the Nordic countries, the question has been asked how substance abuse treatment and healthcare resources can be better organised in an age when resources are increasingly limited. Is there room for local solutions in the treatment systems?

The report “Local innovation in substance abuse care” compares and highlights local solutions in three areas of substance abuse care: young people with extensive substance abuse, concealed alcohol consumption among patients in primary care and patients who break off substitution treatment.

The publication compiles examples of good local efforts from the project “Nordic exchange of knowledge in substance abuse care” which was initiated by the Nordic Welfare Center, an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Four Nordic municipalities, Aarhus in Denmark, Stavanger in Norway, Umeå in Sweden and to some extent Espoo in Finland have participated in the project.

Local innovation in substance abuse care (Nordic Welfare Centre, 2016)

Nordens välfärdscenter (NVC) är en institution under Nordiska ministerrådet inom social- och hälsosektorn.