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Red Hat julkaisee uusimman version pilvipohjaisesta Platform-as-a-Service-alustasta (PaaS). OpenShift Enterprise 2:n avulla asiakkaat voivat parantaa IT-palveluidensa nopeutta, tehokkuutta ja skaalautuvuutta sekä nopeuttaa uusien sovellusten ja palveluiden kehittämistä.

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Red Hat Further Enables IT Velocity, Efficiency, and Scalability with OpenShift Enterprise 2
Red Hat advances PaaS leadership, enables application-driven enterprise with new OpenShift Enterprise capabilities

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of OpenShift Enterprise 2, the latest version of its award-winning, on-premise private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. With OpenShift Enterprise 2, customers can increase the velocity, efficiency and scalability of their IT service delivery, drive faster development of new applications and business services and reduce time-to-market. With powerful new features – including datacenter infrastructure integration, an advanced administration console, support for even more programming languages, and new collaboration capabilities – and expanded global availability, a wider range of developers can achieve the benefits of private PaaS technology for their cloud deployments.

OpenShift Enterprise, introduced in November 2012, is a critical component of Red Hat’s vision for the  open hybrid cloud, providing an on-demand, elastic, scalable and fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment for application developers so they can focus on coding new application services with reduced operational burdens. It automates much of the provisioning and systems management of the application platform stack in a way that enables the IT operations team to more easily meet growing business demands for new application services. OpenShift Enterprise is built on a trusted stack of open source-based Red Hat technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and OpenShift Origin, the open source PaaS project that forms the foundation for all of Red Hat’s suite of OpenShift PaaS platforms.

Since its launch in November 2012, Red Hat has added more than 45 features to OpenShift Enterprise via four product releases, incorporating many features first introduced in OpenShift Online, the company’s fully-supported public PaaS offering. OpenShift Enterprise 2 continues Red Hat’s leadership in open hybrid cloud and PaaS, introducing several new features that make private PaaS easier to consume and implement, including:

  • Powerful datacenter infrastructure integration, simplifying the deployment of OpenShift on OpenStack via OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) templates, enabling OpenShift’s plugin-based integration with external router and load balancer infrastructure, and providing a streamlined OpenShift Enterprise installer, enabling IT to more quickly realize the benefits of cloud computing.
  • Advanced administration console, offering IT operations a more streamlined PaaS experience and giving them visibility into the applications, users and overall capacity of their PaaS platform.
  • Support for the latest programming languages, giving developers access to a wide variety of popular programming languages, enabling them to push the limits of application creativity and innovation while meeting enterprise business requirements. As a polyglot, or multi-language, PaaS, in addition to Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl, OpenShift Enterprise now offers Node.js for server-side JavaScript.
  • New collaboration capabilities, enabling developers to more easily share access to their applications for team-based development, bringing the benefits of community-powered innovation to the enterprise.

OpenShift Enterprise 2 will be available on Dec. 11, 2013 to customers in North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and select Asia and Latin America regions, including Australia, ASEAN, Argentina and Brazil, respectively.

Supporting Quote

Ashesh Badani, general manager, Cloud and OpenShift, Red Hat
“PaaS represents the fastest growing segment of cloud computing[1], and Red Hat offers the industry’s only full suite of open source PaaS solutions for both public and private PaaS. OpenShift Enterprise 2 extends this leadership and delivers what users want – an application-driven enterprise – by making PaaS even easier to consume.”

David S. Linthicum, SVP Cloud Technology Partners and recently named as a “Cloud Computing Pioneer” by Information Week.
“The relative growth of PaaS in the enterprise market is outpacing both IaaS and SaaS. The time-to-market, business agility, and cost efficiency benefits are now proven. Indeed, I’m seeing a mass migration from traditional platforms to private and public PaaS. Moreover, the businesses are seeing a quick return on investment, as well as the ability to put the application services in place as quickly as the business requires them. This is clearly strategic technology, and I'm impressed with the traction and direction that Red Hat has demonstrated with OpenShift."

[1]  451 Research, “451 Research analysis of the cloud computing market points to a 36% CAGR through 2016,”

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