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As the game progresses, the supreme hunter mechanic will come into effect. This is a tribute to the original Crucible, and also a mechanic to enable PvP hotspots and more fun/tension in the arena. Provided 20 or more people are in the arena, the "Essence of death" will spawn in the arena and all players will be informed.

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When players enter the proximity of the Essence of Death, they'll have a new bar above their head that fills up as the player remains near the essence. The first person to fill the bar will become the Supreme Hunter. As everyone's bar is displayed - players can see the current "leader" and aim to kill them to stop them becoming the Supreme Hunter. Further to this, if you kill someone who is standing near the essence, you'll get half of their bar should you kill them. So if Player A has 80% full and Player B has 10% but kills Player A, Player B will go to 50% for killing them.

When the Supreme Hunter is assigned, they'll be given the weapons for the role and everyone will be told who the Supreme Hunter is. The Supreme Hunter can attack anyone and be attacked by everyone.

To prevent them being piled and killed by everyone who isn't the Supreme Hunter they can use the special attack on their supreme weapons: "Supreme Defenders" which requires 75% of the special energy (Adrenaline).This special attack will summon 10 souls from beyond the grave that will fight for the Supreme Hunter, following them around and killing players on their behalf. For each soul that is alive, the Supreme Hunter will have 10% damage reduction. So while all the souls are alive, the Supreme Hunter is invincible.

As the players kill the souls off they reduce the Supreme Hunter's damage reduction. The Supreme Hunter should be focused on generating special attack energy/adrenaline to keep performing the attack and keeping their damage reduction up.

The end of the game and the scoreboard

At the end of 10 minutes or once a player gets 30 kills, the game will end and show rankings for all players who took part in the game. For each player it will show:

Their rank in the game.
Their name.
How many kills they were awarded.
How many times they died.
How many assists they were awarded.
At the bottom of the score board they will be shown their personal stats and how many reward points they earned to be spent at a reward shop.

Reward Points

The amount of points awarded per game depends on a player's personal performance. The rank and performance of others does not affect their reward - beyond whether or not they gave the player in question a hard time! A player is awarded for both kills and assists and for not dying.

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