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Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 31, 2016 12:37 EEST

With the up-coming "5th General" in the Heart, I thought I'd throw this up there and see what we can predict? In case you missed it, the 5th General and spiritual successor to Nex, Telos, is due to release in June. Think of him as a Mini-Vorago, but aimed at Solo players like QBD and Araxxor. From what we know, he will start off Slightly stronger than Nex, but will Enrage on a steeper curve than Araxxor, eventually making him the hardest solo fight in the game.

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So, straight to the point, what kind of Drops or rewards do you see coming (or WANT to come) with this new Boss? Personally, a few of my own ideas are;

1) Upgraded Versions of GWD2 Weapons, I.E level 90 weapons with level 95 Acc and level 85 Damage. OR Items to upgrade present weapons into such. Maybe with Special attacks.

2) Anima themed Abilities/Codexs

3) Upgrades to Nex armor (maybe? though don't see the point)

4) Personally want to see Anima themed Skilling tools, like level 75-80 Pick/Hachet or new Vials/reagents for new Potions, etc etc.

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