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Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 16, 2016 09:57 EEST

This week in Old School we've made some small changes to Great Kourend, adding in various training spots and NPCs, Zooknock has devised a way for you to relive your Monkey Madness II experience and necromancers can now create teleport tablets!

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It is now possible to create necromancy teleport tablets in the Arceuus area within Great Kourend. Head to the building shown below, in which you can find a lectern used to create necromancy teleport tablets.

In order to create necromancy teleport tablets you must have the Magic level to cast the spell, the runes for the spell as well as a dark essence block. You must also be on the necromancy spellbook.

The teleport tablets you create are tradeable and, as with all other teleport tablets in game, necromancy teleport tablets are usable regardless of which spellbook you are on. In addition to this, no Arceuus favour is required to use the teleport tablets.

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