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Lehdistötiedote   •   Heinä 04, 2016 09:28 EEST

Even if JMODS?always try to make Telos fighting sound like a big deal. A lot of players think Telos's loot is seriously underwhelming?and is horrible for RS3 money. There are several reasons that RS3gold is provided for your reference to reconsider if you should spend a great deal of time on Telos.

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Why Telos is seriously underwhelming?
A week ago, Telos was advertised and followed because?of its attractive and expensive T92 God weapons. A week later, it becomes seriously underwhelming because?of its loot. For instance, the last major boss that came out that dropped weapons, etc, was Araxxor. Araxxor drops 2 x Uncut Onyx, while?Telos drops just a single one! Not to mention how rare the item- T92 gold weapon?is?in comparison?to that of Araxxor.

Why Telos is bad for RuneScape 3 money?while T92 weapon is expensive?
Even if JMODs keep telling players?that they don't need to buff the drops because if players chain 100%+ kills,?players?will get decent money that makes it worth it, many of players doubted and debunked. They spent 5 hours and only made 24 M RS3 gold. That’s very bad for money making. Araxxor is still around 10m/hr and even efficient Nex solos are around 8 or 9m/hr.?What’s worse, players have to take high risk to fight Telos. Once one mistake is made, all of things are lost.
Even if T92 weapons will remain very expensive for a long time, this boss is slowly becoming dull?content.?Players would much rather just stick to something like Araxxor where they know they can make consistent money than work much harder and risk more for just the smallest chance at some cores or a dormant piece.
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