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Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 30, 2016 05:44 EEST

After accepting in beta for the endure six months, Chronicle: Runescape Legends, Jagex's agenda adversary based on their accepted MMO Runescape, has now been appear on Steam.

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The bold follows the now accustomed free-to-play model, acceptance you to buy packs or rs gold for absolute money and with bill becoming through accustomed play. There are aswell corrective items, like agenda backs, accessible to purchase.

The bold appearance a altered way to play, area you have to action monsters that you abode yourself on the lath from your deck.

There are 5 altered heroes, declared Legends, to accept from, and in the next few months, a new Legend will be alien called Morvran.

The bold has over 400 cards and assorted modes, including both a accidental and ranked division mode, acceptation you can play the bold as competitively as you like.

The bold is accessible to download through Steam, and there are affairs to accompany the bold to adaptable accessories eventually. You can analysis out Chronicle's barrage bivouac below.

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