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Lehdistötiedote   •   Touko 11, 2016 06:02 EEST

Jagex has announced that they may refine Zeah's mapping and expand within the content found within the continent. The Old School Team will hold a content poll aimed at expanding the content obtainable in Great Kourend.

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“The changes made will make Zeah feel like an even more natural land mass. This is a trend that will continue with the design for the future Zeah expansions. ”said by Jagex. And they will be concentrating on small to medium size updates to fill out some of the unused areas of the location.

Many players are complaining in regards to the current Zeah, such as less quests and no consistency however parts. Posts like these are made continuously. They desire the new landmass ought to be more consistency with the particular mainland of RS. And the design need to have nice-looking. Meanwhile, some items that may make Zeah wonderful should furthermore be added, such as fishing areas.


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