Voddler launches in Spain, brings hottest blockbusters and best classics online to all of Spain, legally

Lehdistötiedote   •   Maalis 07, 2012 14:00 EET

Voddler, the leading next-generation video-on-demand (VOD) service, today launched its service in Spain.  After running a closed pilot phase during the past months, Voddler now invites all of Spain to watch the best movies from the whole world, including the Hollywood giants, directly online or on their mobile devices. Voddler offers the latest releases as easy rentals, leaving a dominant part of the Voddler catalog as ad-funded and offered at no charge to the viewer. Spain is the first market outside of Scandinavia that Stockholm-based Voddler opens.

For the past months, Voddler has been running an invite-only closed pilot phase, to optimize its service before launching fully in Spain. Today, Voddler removes the invite-only requirement and opens for all of Spain to use the service as they want.

Voddler is a next-generation cloud-based VOD-service that offers movies and TV-shows when and where the consumer wants. Voddler's patented technology enables streaming of high quality video content to computers, smart phones and a full range of other internet connected devices. Since launching in Sweden, Voddler has in two short years gathered over 1.3 million registered users in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – and the company today opened Spain as its fifth market.

-        Spain was an obvious choice for us as our first market outside of our home market of Scandinavia. It is a country of movie lovers, with good broadband penetration and an audience that is increasingly turning online, says Marcus Bäcklund, Voddler’s CEO.

 Voddler customers enjoy the latest blockbusters, the best classics and the most loved TV-shows from the world’s leading film studios, including the Hollywood giants.  Across its markets, Voddler’s has content agreements with studios as Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Sony Pictures, and Paramount. In Spain, Voddler has signed licensing agreements with the leading local distributors and studios as well.

-        New digital distribution methods enable wider access to film content via a broader range of devices.   Providing consumers with more choices and improving the movie experience at home and on the go is at the heart of Warner Bros.' digital strategy.  We are happy that consumers will be able to enjoy our film titles more easily through this partnership with Voddler, says Juan Angulo, General Manager for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group Spain.

At launch, Voddler’s catalog in Spain consists of 600 titles. The catalog will now grow rapidly to reach the standard catalog size for Voddler of about 5,000 titles, where the most current releases and most loved classics are offered as easy rentals, and where a large part of the Voddler catalog is ad-funded and offered at no charge to the viewer. Voddler also offers offline functionality, so viewers can download Voddler movies and bring them.

-        We are both your local video store with the latest releases and your favorite TV-channel with all the films you love to see, all available online where and when you want. And with our offline mode, you don’t even have to be connected when you see your Voddler-film, says Anders Sjöman, VP Communication at Voddler.

 To use Voddler, viewers only have to go to www.voddler.com and start watching. Voddler is also available with custom-made apps on all major mobile platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Meego and (coming in April) Windows Phone.

Voddler’s unparalleled streaming quality comes from the company’s own patented technology platform, VoddlerNet. VoddlerNet enables streaming of high quality content by enlisting each end-device to act as a node in a decentralized network and share in the content distribution and storage. All content in this decentralized solution, with its node-to-node streaming solution, is under full central control with complete copy-protection via DRM-implementation.

For more information:

Anders Sjöman, VP Communication, Voddler,
anders.sjoman@voddler.com, +46707176078, @anderssjoman on Twitter

Voddler video-on-demand (VOD) -palvelu tuo parhaat elokuvat ja tv-sarjat laillisesti suoraan mihin tahansa verkkoyhteydellä varustettuun laitteeseen. Voddler tarjoaa elokuvien ystävälle sekä vuokraelokuvia (RENT) että mainosrahoitteisia elokuvia (PLAY) missä ja milloin tahansa. Valikoimassa on huippuluokan elokuvia yli 30 elokuvastudiolta ympäri maailmaa, mukaan lukien Hollywoodin suuret studiot. Yli miljoona rekisteröityä käyttäjää Ruotsissa, Norjassa, Tanskassa ja Suomessa katsoo satojatuhansia  elokuvia voddler.com-osoitteesta mobiililaitteen, tablettitietokoneen tai verkkoon liitetyn television kautta. Voddler tarjoaa ensiluokkaista video-on-demand-palvelua niin katsojille, sisällönomistajille kuin mainostajillekin.