Win Agility & Hunter Dummies with RS3gold 10% off cheap rs 3 gold July 2016

Lehdistötiedote   •   Heinä 21, 2016 11:06 EEST

Get your hands on two new types of elite skilling dummies – only available on Treasure Hunter!

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Head to Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC on the 21st July until 23:59 UTC on 25th July to win the new Agility and Hunter elite skilling dummies. These placeable items can be dodged and captured for scaleable Agility and Hunter XP based on your current levels.

When placed, these dummies can be knocked down five times giving you a hefty chunk of XP with each victory. On the 5th fall, the dummy is permanently destroyed.

Why not grab your friends and train together? A friend who joins you in using a dummy that you have placed will receive 5% of the XP available to you.

Take these skilling dummies and put them to the test – have fun, and give us your feedback over on the forums.

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