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Finnish technology onboard Sun Explorer Solar Orbiter

Lehdistötiedote   •   Helmi 11, 2020 10:59 EET

Solar Orbiter cred: ESA

Solar Orbiter, a joint ESA/NASA collaboration, will provide unprecedented insight into how our parent star works. The satellite will get very close to the Sun. It will be the first satellite to provide close-up images of the Sun’s Polar Regions. It will study the solar wind, the so-called space weather, as well as all layers of the Sun, except its core.

RUAG Space Finland on board

RUAG Space Finland designs, develops, manufactures and tests high quality space flight electronics equipment. The main focus areas of system and subsystem expertise cover interface and control electronics and power subsystem equipment. RUAG Space Finland has participated in the Solar Orbiter project. “We have delivered key components, which on their part enable this important science mission. Our Remote Interface Unit acquires essential spacecraft measurement data, provides telemetry and command interfaces to units and controls the propulsion system. We were also in charge of Solar Orbiter’s Electrical Power Subsystem, which provides, stores and distributes spacecraft electrical power”, says Keijo Nyström, Project manager, RUAG Space Finland.

RUAG Space Finland is the leading space company in Finland, employing around 30 persons in city of Tampere. RUAG Space Finland started its activities in the space market already in 1985 and has delivered space electronics equipment over the years to more than 20 ESA space missions. Our products are satellite electronics products, e.g. interface units and power electronics.

RUAG Space Finland is part of RUAG International, Europe’s leading supplier of products used in the aerospace industry. Based in Switzerland, with locations in Austria, Finland, Germany, Sweden and the USA, RUAG International employs around 6,000 people.



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