Social and gamified innovation - agile innovation management

2013-04-17 12:28 EEST LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd In a typical enterprise around 50% of all innovation activities happen in the "fuzzy" front-end, without measurable structure or actions. With quite simple steps these coffee table conversations could be transformed into measurable and repeatable activities. Learn how LumoFlow provides social and gamified solutions for managing agile innovation cycles.

2012-08-31 21:09 EEST Silicon Vikings In a recent article the Economist called European entrepreneurs Le Miserables. An important part of the miserable condition is poor access to capital. As the Economist wrote "The total money invested in European venture capital halved from €8.2 billion in 2007 to €4.1 billion last year. Much of it now comes from governments rather than from private investors."

2012-08-15 00:09 EEST Silicon Vikings The startup cemetery is full of companies who started in Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc. and then “went to market” in the US in a forceful way - launched big and crashed hard. There is a leaner, better way ...

2012-08-15 00:07 EEST Silicon Vikings The next session (in September; stay put for a detailed announcement) of the Entrepreneurship and Learning SIG of Silicon Vikings will tackle the topic of Design for the Digital and Virtual Age, with panelists that will bring insightful perspectives from the Nordic region as well as from Silicon Valley.

2012-08-06 20:45 EEST Silicon Vikings On Friday afternoon this last week I joined about 200 or more other people at the LDT Expo 2012—an annual event of Stanford University’s Learning, Design and Technology Master program—where more than 20 student teams exhibited their innovative projects around innovative approaches to learning.

The goals of social collaboration

2012-05-17 12:53 EEST LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd Answering what the organizational goals of social business are is a two sided question. On the one hand there are the concrete goals, such as reducing internal email communication or improving idea sharing across the organization. Then on the other hand there are the more high level goals such as increasing market share or increasing innovation.

Measuring the ROI of Enterprise 2.0

2012-04-12 15:51 EEST LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd How do we calculate the ROI of Enterprise Social Software? Is it actually possible? Should we even care? Measuring the ROI (Return On Investment) of information technology is not new. It's been part of an intense discussion..

Werkt u slim samen met uw klanten?

2012-03-20 08:51 EET LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd De kracht van een online werkomgeving zit in het binden van mensen binnen verschillende lagen van de organisaties. Een betere klantrelatie is waar het uiteindelijk allemaal om draait. Dit wordt bereikt door de juiste informatie kunnen voorschotelen aan zowel de actieve projectmedewerkers als mensen op verschillende beslissingsniveaus.

Social Collaboration – so what?!

2012-03-08 16:06 EET LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd I see lots of criticism towards social business solutions. The argument is that it is the same stuff with a different package. ”Let's put social in front of our product and it will sell”, is probably the viewpoint that many critics have. I agree.

Innovating the government

2012-02-20 15:03 EET LumoFlow by Lumo Research Ltd Earlier this month I visited the event Ambtenaar 2.0 (roughly translated Government Worker 2.0) in The Hague. At this event the aim was to share experiences about how to collaborate more effectively and increase innovation using social collaboration/media tools. The event was attended by more than 400 government workers in The Netherlands.