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The New and Improved Fixturlaser GO Pro – Shaft Alignment at the Heart of Profitable Maintenance

Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2014 14:16 GMT

The new version of  Fixturlaser GO Pro comes with a hardware and software package that will save the maintenance professional’s time and hard work.

The adaptive user interface includes the VertiZontal Moves function that calculates possible misalignment and tells you how much you need to add or remove shims. But above all, there is no need for any remeasurements between the vertical and horizontal adjustment. This will also save you time as in less walking around machines or climbing up and down to make adjustments and remeasure and/or fewer times shimming, prying, lifting, sweating, etc.

The super slim sensor units with integrated 30 mm CCD sensors and line lasers, have virtually eliminated both rough alignment and laser adjustment, even for big angular misalignments.

More time savers are for e.g. the Machine Defined Data function. It allows you to preload all relevant parameters for a specific machine to be used the next time you check the machine for a possible misalignment. Also, the sensor units’ instant battery check saves you trouble of starting up the entire system in order to check the battery’s power status.

Hans Svensson, CEO of ACOEM says: “We always have the needs of the maintenance professional at heart when developing our products. To save time thanks to user friendly products and to reduce the number of unplanned downtime are crucial in maintenance, our shaft alignment systems are, therefore, developed specifically for these purposes.”

ACOEM AB (former Fixturlaser AB) is a global player and a leader in developing innovative, user-friendly equipment for shaft alignment. By helping industry worldwide to become perfectly aligned, and eliminating anything that might not be, we minimize unnecessary wear and production stoppages. This will ultimately make our customers more profitable and our environment more sustainable.

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