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Visitez Hamilton au ESHG à Milan

Communiqué de presse   •   mai 20, 2014 13:08 CEST

European Society of Human Genetics Meeting Milan May 31st – June 3rd

We cordially invite you to visit our booth no. 380 at the ESHG meeting in Milan and learn more about Hamilton’s solutions for your laboratory’s genomics workflow.

  • Meet our product experts

  • Discover solutions for NGS, PCR, and nucleic acid extraction

  • Find out how your lab benefits from automation


Most flexible nucleic acid workstation

  • Integrated system for DNA/RNA isolation, pipetting and further processing
  • Broad sample and volume range (20μl-10ml)
  • "Ready to start" automation protocols for 34 chemagen kits

Genomic STARlet

Proven nucleic acid extraction

  • Up to 8 M&N protocols on one system
  • Easy to use, dialogue box-driven software
  • Flexible throughput


Take the next step in NGS library prep

  • NEBNext Ultra DNA Library Prep kits for Illumina
  • High quality reagents
  • Future-ready for additional protocols

Nimbus Select

Automated size selection and analytics

  • Ideal for NGS and gene synthesis
  • High recovery size selection and accurate analytics
  • Low cost, high throughput option for electropherogram characterization of samples

PCR Setup STARlet

Automated assay setup

  • PCR setup and master mix preparation
  • Sample normalization
  • Optional thermal cycler integration: ODTC

ODTC: On Deck Thermal Cycler

Automated thermal cycling

  • Streamlines genomic workflows
  • Fully integrated
  • Inheco`s innovative 3-D vapor chamber technology

Hamilton Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic
systems for samples preparation and storage. The products range from unique, custom
laboratory automation solutions (turnkey solutions) on standard applications
validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as
well as OEM solutions to the top ten diagnostic companies. Hamilton Storage Technologies designs and manufactures cold storage systems for biobanking and other applications.

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