Axiatel launches its PBX system in UK

Communiqué de presse   •   déc 29, 2009 14:54 CET

In a world struggling to find new and cost-saving means of communications, Axiatel has developed a new system that combines VoIP system, new technology and Internet telephony.

Even so, the growing demand for services based on VoIP technology is justified. No matter where he is or what his position is, the user will always feel the need to communicate.

Communication without barriers is no longer a dream and the ability to stay connected anytime is what mainly attracts more and more customers.

On this basis, Axiatel has developed an innovative and cost-effective system: the Virtual Switchboard.

Nowadays, small and large companies try to communicate and run their business while saving money and reducing their costs, making new clients and stay in touch anywhere in the world.

Many people have already been convinced with Axiatel products (fax to email and conference calls service).Today, Axiatel has more that 14.000 customers in Europe and more that 15 years experience in Telecommunication systems. The company works everyday for their client’s contentment.

The benefits of Axiatel Virtual switchboard:

With the virtual switchboard, you only spend money that is necessary for your communications; Axiatel has developed many packages only from £14.9/month suitable for both household users and businesses.

With Axiatel Virtual switchboard, you only need your telephone and an Internet access.

No modem or software required.

With Axiatel you can even keep your old phone number or you are provided with a dedicated easy to remember UK local number.

Businessmen, who often work abroad, usually find it hard to handle their calls coming to their office.

Individuals business owners or small business firms yearn for a premium and professional image for their company to welcome their customers on the phone, Axiatel provide with 250 pre -recorded greeting messages or the user can record his own messages.

The callers can reach the person concerned without the inconvenience of unanswered calls, misrouted calls or busy signals.

Thanks to this virtual receptionist, incoming calls are redirected to the right direction different phones lines or extensions. Managing calls in a series is easy. The service has caller id recognition, call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, email alerts and web access to voicemail.

An efficient virtual switchboard enables increasing traffic to your business which in the long run brings in more revenue and more clients.

Thanks to Axiatel service you can work from home or anywhere in the world and you can relax with your own work.

This automated system works on a 24/7 basis,so that the user does not lose a single call.

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