RES en France

RES renews and extends its Windfit® fleet of turbines in France

Communiqué de presse   •   mar 07, 2018 10:31 CET

A successful business relationship

RES in France was one of the first supporters of Sereema. Their collaboration began in 2016 and has blossomed into a fruitful partnership.

Windfit® extended to optimize turbine performance

Windfit® has been installed on the Vestas V66 turbines at RES’s Claves wind farm and has providing data and analysis for over a year. Located near the village of Roussas, the wind farm has been operating since its commissioning in 2005.

After a first successful year, RES and Sereema have announced the renewal of this partnership as well as an extension of the deployment program. The deal has been signed and sealed, bringing both companies to yet another level of teamwork.

As of today, Windfit® has also been successfully deployed at the RES operated Cuxac windfarm on V80 2MW turbines.

Thumbs up for the new Windfit® Box design

RES’ own tech team has installed the Windfit® system at the Cuxac farm. Even under harsh winter climatic conditions, coordination and support ensured a safe and successful experience.

Sereema is continually perfecting its technique and likes to keep one step ahead. The boxes installed are the latest up-to-date versions produced by Sereema. “The new design is really ergonomic, and the set-up process, that was already pretty easy, is even simpler with the redesign“ attested Enzo Perelli, RES’ Method & Performance Analyst.

Once the boxes were fixed upon the net mast and powered, details appeared almost instantaneously on the web portal for RES to see.

Bruno Pinto, Sereema Head Data Analyst underlines « it’s a real pleasure to work with RES and share thoughts with the team on a regular basis. Results are swiftly interpreted, and we can discuss and work on optimization and correction opportunities.”

About Sereema:

Sereema puts high tech at the service of energy transition. Thanks to its Windfit® connected technology, Sereema provides top of the line services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms, thus increasing assets yield and boosting owners cashflow equity.

Sereema now supports over 100 MW of wind farms in Europe and is ready to go global. For more information:

RES (Renewable Energy Systems) is one of the world’s leading independent renewable energy companies. At the forefront of renewable energy development for over 35 years, RES has developed and/or built over 13GW of renewable energy capacity worldwide. In France, RES has built more than 760 MW of onshore wind and solar farms. For more information: