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This is the 3rd Day of our Freedom

Communiqué de presse   •   fév 04, 2011 01:34 CET

I'd like to present you a French/Swedish band named: This is the 3rd Day of our Freedom.

It's a mix between electronica, down tempo, pop noire and rock music. Basicly take some very powerful beats and fat bad ass basses, shake that with pure and melancholic soft melodies and you get an idea of how it sounds like.

The music is done for live acts. The clubbing feeling and the emotions through the melodies create an amazing atmosphere.
Joncha use to play alone with his drum machines, his keyboard and his guitar. But at the present, he plays now with two pianists: a jazz one and a classical one.

He produced his first album A Bird As The Fog that was released on a French small label named Zingy.

The second Ep Velvet In The Wind will soon be released on the Swedish label Megahype.

Here is a biography about JonCha:

Since over ten years JonCha lives without any attach. That’s why the first name he tattooed on his arm is Sal Paradise, the anti hero of On The Road, the major book of the Beat Generation. He lived in Montpellier, where he studied acting in an important acting school and film history at the university. He discovered raves, tried to walk on all roads that the poet Rimbaud had trodden. From the South of France to Luxembourg, through the Ardennes, he was drunk while he listened to psychedelic music and electronica.

With a few miserable jobs like washing the empty crates in a Fruit Cooperative, this musician, writer, actor and director paid a ticket for Canada. He went directly to Ontario. It tamed a wild squirrel and began to explore this great country. Soon, he spent his nights in the biggest clubs in Toronto and experimented evenings of playing with club sound systems installed in small caravans. Honestly, it pops. It’s sooo psychedelic. He taught acting to young people of Wasaga Beach and repainted barriers in exchange for a bed and food.

Back in France, he moved to Paris, worked in the biggest sex shop of Europe and spent the rest of his time drinking booze with tramps.

He then hitchhiked to Coventry, England. Watching the punks dancing on clubbing music was pretty inspiring!

He moved to Grenoble. He did nothing. Except that he wrote his play "Bordel" that carried him back to Paris. There he lived his passion for the theatre for four years. He directed four of his plays, played in many others, was prohibited in several cities of Ile de France, won a lot of prizes, taught playwriting in an acting school and composed lots of classical music, ambients or alternative music for contemporary choreographies and dramas played everywhere in the world… even on the National Theater of South Korea.

He formed a band that mixes Stoner, Psychedelic and Indie, called the Rose Keller Club. He danced a duet with dancer-choreographer Sabrina Mergey, Melody Box Project, where he also played live. That brought them in lots of different cities and festivals of dance video like New York and Athens. Pretty cool stuff…

His novel "Barbaque" is published in France.

Unable to stay longer in the same city, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden. He worked as a model and DJ. He organised clubs and concerts in a venue called Vurma and wrote music reviews for the magazine Vice.

He bought few machines and began composing music for a possible solo project. The endless nights of the northern winter and the beauty of the wilderness of the cities inspired him. All the love for his nomadic life, the joy of feeling free and melancholy to belong to any land is found in these early sketches of songs.

One of her friends heard them and offers to play at Rich. In two days and three nights, he composed a part of the album A Bird as the Fog and took the name of This is the 3rd Day of Our Freedom.

He played in the whole Europe.

He moved to Paris once again to compose a music for a play in a famous theatre. There, he stayed alone during long nights, to feel the spirits of the theatre and composed the Ep Velvet in the wind. It will soon be released on the Swedish label Megahype.

He doesn’t know where he will be in few months and guess what? He doesn’t care about that.

I hope you'll like the music. Enjoy!