An animation “Kibitan and eggs”

Blog posts   •   Nov 12, 2014 02:52 GMT

Please think about your precious thing or the feeling of being cherished while watching this video.

Tohoku restoration festival in Paris from August 30th to 31st.

Blog posts   •   Aug 27, 2014 09:02 GMT

We are planning to host Tohoku restoration festival in Paris, France. It will be hold in Champ de Mars near Eiffel Tower for two days from August 30th to 31st. Fukushima prefectural office plays an important role in this festival.

Ōuchi-juku located in the south of Aizu.

Blog posts   •   Aug 25, 2014 07:06 GMT

Fukushimatekuteku has been featuring information on local food, attractions and travel tips. We will introduce you Ōuchi-juku located in the south of Aizu in the latest video.

"KAKEHASHI" was created to build strong connections between people in America and Fukushima.

Blog posts   •   Jul 29, 2014 03:12 GMT

Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan hosted an international exchange project for youth, called the ‘KAKEHASHI Project - The Bridge for Tomorrow’. ‘KAKEHASHI’ stands for a connection or bridge between two things. The project was created to build strong connections between people in America and Fukushima.

We chose this picture as the Facebook cover in summer.

Blog posts   •   Jul 07, 2014 09:59 GMT

We chose this picture as the Facebook cover in summer.Thank you for your submissions of Facebook cover pictures.

A hard-working farmer in Fukushima to improve agriculture by showing the process of how crops are grown

Blog posts   •   Jun 30, 2014 08:07 GMT

Kanako Watanabe has a motto that healthy crops come from healthy soil. Her vegetables are grown with well-balanced soil considering its rich nutrition and mineral composition.

Rock Corps, a music festival will be held in Fukushima.

Blog posts   •   Jun 24, 2014 09:27 GMT

A world-famous music festival, Rock corps is scheduled to happen in Azuma Sports Park on September sixth. It is going to be the first Rock Corps held in Asia.

Let’s enjoy sake tasting and compare different sakes made in Fukushima.

Blog posts   •   May 14, 2014 08:31 GMT

I am Yasuhiro Kato, a head director of MIDETTE. It is is a retail store carrying local products from Fukushima . Our store was launched on April 12th in Nihonbashi , Chūō-ku, Tokyo. A lot of costumers came to the store on the grand opening day. Thank you very much for your visit and purchase.

Sightseeing information via Fukushima Tekuteku.

Blog posts   •   May 14, 2014 08:30 GMT

This week’s video features Yanaizu district. Yanaizu is famous for a seasonal pastry, Awamanju (a traditional bun stuffed with red bean paste ), our famous hot spring, Fukumankokuzouson-enzouji temple and Akabeko (red cow). Awamaju represents rich food culture passed through by locals. It is located in Aizu area where our famous Tsurugajo casle was built.

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