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Handling hazardous goods from the UK to Finland

News   •   Feb 27, 2017 14:22 CET

An unusual, and somewhat nerve-wracking, transport challenge

We do transport hazardous goods at Greencarrier Freight Services, but transporting radioactive material is not exactly a day-to-day. But when we were contacted by a customer in England that needed help to plan and handle the transport of hazardous goods from the UK to Finland, we wanted to look into the possibilities and help. The fact that it was a matter of radioactive material made the transport somewhat nerve-wracking. But luckily, everything went really well!

Planning and handling the transport of radioactive material

We started planning for the transport months beforehand, deciding on which airport was the most convenient for receiving the hazardous goods. Together with the customer, we arranged for a charter plane to transport the goods from the UK to the airport in Finland. It had to be a charter plane as the commercial airlines had strict rules for transporting this type of radioactive material depending on factors such as radioactivity levels, country and airplane regulations.

When the plane arrived at the airport in Finland, we were ready to receive the goods. The radioactive material was kept in a large cylinder tank container. The cylinder tank container had to be unloaded from the charter plane with a forklift. It was then loaded onto a truck that transported the goods all the way from the airport to the end destination. After the radioactive material had been transported to the research and technology centre, we were also responsible for getting the empty cylinder tank container back to the UK again.

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