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Hospitality Insiders Club Estonia Designed Services at Tallinn ZOO

Blog post   •   Feb 17, 2016 15:49 GMT

The first club of the year "Service Design in Developing Service Concepts" was on February 16th about how service design can add value to our product development, how the information needed for understanding the customer is collected and used, how new service products are designed, tested and developed into a concept? 

The presenter and facilitator this time was Dr. Teemu Moilanen - a Senior Lecturer at Haaga-Helia UAS - one of the world’s leading destination brand management specialists and an experienced Service Designer. Dr. Moilanen has been involved in more than 40 Service Design projects for airlines, ferrylines, airports, hotel chains, shopping malls, restaurants and other service companies. He has 15 years of experience in management consulting, during which he has been closely involved in the planning of the most successful tourism resorts in Finland (Levi and Tahko among others). He is a seasoned speaker in seminars and international conferences including the European Parliament.

The venue this time was Tallinn Zoo because they were also involved in a service design project in cooperation with Ähtäri Zoo (Finland) last year. The project was funded within the BOSS (From Borders to Shared Space) program supported by the Finnish State and was implemented by Haaga-Helia UAS and coordinated by Haaga-Helia Hospitality Competence Centre in Estonia.

Being founded in 1939 today the Zoo holds the best collection of mountain goats and sheep in the world, but also has an outstanding number of eagles and vultures and a remarkable collection of owl and crane species. All in all they have managed to assemble the most fascinating zoo collection in Northern Europe - 7700 representatives of almost 600 species located at 89 ha.

As a part of the extensive developments a new main building including the Zoo Environmental Education Center was built a couple of years ago at the West gate (Ehitajate tee 150) and this is where HIC was clubbing this time.

Christina Daous from the Zoo presented both the venue in question and the service design project outcome.

As a result of discussions held during the day it was concluded that the main issues service design as such could resolve best if applied properly are making systematic use of the customer information, needs and expectations, using the customer’s view as the terms of reference regarding any development and considering the soft service issues before while planning and before building the physical facility.

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