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One People, One Nation, ... No Brand?

News   •   Jan 20, 2017 16:45 GMT

Copytright: Erik Peinar. Used with permission of

Estonia launched its next brand on January 13th and rarely can one see such a heated nation-wide discussion (still going on) on one specific topic following a public live presentation and opening a couple of websites. What was presented and what it is all about, you can see for yourself - and

Why the heated and mixed emotions then ?

First of all, because EUR200.000 has been spent during the last six months and about EUR80.000 is to be spent in addition, but the wider audiences were not quite sure how to relate to the outcome.

Then it was (mis)communicated, that as of now, Estonia does not have a brand anymore (bye-bye, "good old" Welcome to Estonia) and the mission in question establishes only principles of communication and visual tools for marketing.

This message was corrected - our brand is Estonia (no logo, though - just either Eesti or Estonia in a certain purpose-designed letterhead).

And then people were not sure about the messages presented - both visually, contextually and factually.

Last and not most certainly the least - the matter of presenting the boulders as visual design brand elements, which quite many, if not the majority misinterpreted being the actual logo or sign related to the brand as such.

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