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Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2016 13:30 CET

Beat the cold with Essens Mimic

New technical solutions and materials are challenging old truths more and more frequently. The fact that down's heat-to-weight ratio is much better than that of synthetic material but that it loses more of its function when it gets wet or damp is one such truth. Haglöfs' insulating material, QuadFusion™ Mimic, looks like down and acts like down, but is 100 percent polyester. Haglöfs calls it synthetic down.

Haglöfs' collection of insulated products for Fall 2016 has been reworked and contains a number of new products. One of the big changes is that the vast majority of their insulated products have been treated with a fluorocarbon-free durable water repellency (DWR) treatment. Another is the improvement that Haglöfs has made to its synthetic insulation, QuadFusion™ Mimic, which now more than ever is a true alternative to down.

QuadFusion™ Mimic got its name from its ability to mimic down. For this fall the construction of the insulation was redesigned and now consists of a spiral-shaped fiber that has been formed into small balls. The balls can trap and hold air, not just in the spiral-shaped fiber but also in between the balls. QuadFusion™ Mimic is sprayed into the insulated garments' channels in the same way as down is applied to a down garment. Thanks to the insulation's ability to maintain its performance when damp as well as when the insulation has been comprised, the channels can be both larger and longer than the standard on the market. This improves the garment's ability to keep you warm. The garment would also need fewer seams, which decreases the risk for cold spots and leakage.

Essens Mimic is the name of Haglöfs' jackets with synthetic down and this season they all have a fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment and the newly constructed insulation. They double duty as a reinforcement garments under a shell jacket and as outer garments and therefore are as suitable for fighting blizzards in the mountains to waiting for the bus on a rainy day.

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