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Fully automated PCR: the next level in evolution!

Press Release   •   Dec 19, 2013 13:59 GMT


What is coming up in 2014?


- Fully automated PCR with INHECO’s brand new On Deck Thermal Cycler ODTC

for endpoint PCR: the small thermal cycler can be integrated on the deck of all STAR Line liquid handling platforms such as the Hamilton PCR setup workstation, which allows for fully automated setup and execution of PCR assays without any user interaction.

- From nucleic acid extraction to PCR on one workstation:

optionally the whole workflow from nucleic acid extraction to endpoint PCR can be automated e.g. by implementing the PCR setup workstation software (including sample normalization) and the ODTC on one Hamilton STAR Line platform , extended with the additional functions nucleic acid extraction and sample quantification.

- New PCR setup software for increased user convenience:

the new version of the PCR setup workstation software convinces with increased user friendliness and resource saving performance for example with an improved PCR plate designer for quicker and more intuitive assay setup and the new “re-use assay” function for the simple re-use of routine protocols or LIMS integration.   

Please note that INHECO’s On Deck Thermal Cycler, as well as the new version of the PCR setup workstation software have not yet been launched. The launch is planned for spring 2014.

More information to come soon!

About INHECO’s On Deck Thermal Cycler “ODTC”:

The ODTC is one of the most compact thermal cyclers available for automation. It can be integrated on the system deck of all Hamilton liquid handling platforms. Even a later upgrade on site is possible. Any temperature profile can be programmed, from very basic heating and cooling sequences up to complex PCR profiles. Moreover, even several different profiles can be carried out consecutively with or without interruption by the next liquid handling task. The lid of the ODTC can be opened and closed automatically at any time during operation, which allows the user to add or remove liquids during the process. A newly designed sealing mat avoids evaporation and cross contamination. The ODTC can be used for a wide range of other applications beside PCR such as NGS library preparation, Sanger sequencing, hybridization and for cloning/transformation where a heat shock step is required. To learn more about the ODTC, please click here 


About the Hamilton PCR setup workstation:

The Hamilton PCR setup workstation is a flexible software solution for automated sample normalization and PCR setup. It can be implemented on all Hamilton STAR Line platforms according to the required throughput, needs and budget of the user. With its flexible graphical user interface it allows for setup of almost any possible PCR assay for a wide range of applications, such as genotyping, gene expression or Sanger sequencing. Its generic design allows for the use of various PCR reagents and PCR labware types. For more information please click here

About Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems for sample preparation and storage. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (turnkey
solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the top ten diagnostic companies. Hamilton Storage Technologies designs and manufactures cold storage systems for biobanking and other applications. For more information, visit