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Press Release   •   Nov 19, 2010 13:36 GMT

Central, Honk Kong, 11/20/2010: English language is used all over the world. It is very important that an individual can write proper English both for personal and official needs. English writing software helps its users to write English conveniently. It can be used to correct aspects like punctuation, grammar and sentence structuring. It also acts as a writing style checker making sure that the user creates a well composed letter or document. It can be used to write official letters in Word, pdf reports in Acrobat, compose emails or create presentations in PowerPoint.

The writing software makes it possible for an individual to put across his/her ideas in the exact way that needs to be done to facilitate the targeted readers clearly. It takes time for a non-English speaker to learn grammar correctly. To solve this problem a person can use this software for writing well written and error free English content. While sending an official letter it is important that it is written properly, otherwise it will be considered highly unprofessional and will not create good impression about the writer.

Correcting writing mistakes manually is a time consuming task. Employing a proof reader to do the corrections is an expensive solution. English correction software helps the user to write proper English and make the corrections instantly. This software is developed by international language processing experts and first-class grammarians who are experienced in the field of English language. It can be used with all standard windows applications. The software greatly increases writing style as it offers alternative business style construction and vocabulary.

English writing software offers guidance in writing better English easier and faster to all its users. It suggests the appropriate words related to the context and highlights typical involuntary mistakes with a simple mouse click. This software is useful for students, teachers, language learners, proof readers, copywriters, professionals, business executives, doctors and salesmen and all those who need to write better English.

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Englishwritingsoftware.com is the official website of English Writing Software. The website helps the user to understand how the software works and also comes with a demonstration of all the function.

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