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Art Conservation Utilizing HORIBA’s Compact pH and Conductivity Meters - Smithsonian Museum -

Blog post   •   Jan 11, 2018 23:57 GMT

Museums are not only for art exhibits. They also play an important role in preserving the works under their care so that future generations can enjoy these precious cultural resources. The water-based acrylics used in art are water-resistant when dried, but cleaning solution may still end up causing damage because composition of the paint varies depending on the color.

To prevent this kind of damage, a methodology was created using HORIBA’s LAQUAtwin to measure the pH and conductivity of the surface layer of the acrylic paint. This information is then used to determine the optimal cleaning solution.

The LAQUAtwin’s unique flat electrodes and highly accurate analysis technology enable optimal art surface cleaning, and this technique is utilized in Art Conservation Workshops at the Smithsonian Museum in the USA. It just might be that the art you saw the last time you went to a museum was carefully preserved using HORIBA’s water measurement equipment!

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