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The Scope of Fluid Control and Measurement Technology Continues to Expand

Blog post   •   Jan 17, 2018 08:13 GMT

The memory devices required for the popularity of smartphones and IoT has created a demand for semiconductors that grows day by day. This evolution requires accuracy and speed for the manufacturing process. Employing a rigorous production process, fluid control and measurement technology in equipment such as the HORIBA STEC Mass Flow Controllers is now utilized in an ever-growing variety of industries outside that of semiconductors.

Mass Flow Controllers with the World’s Highest Market Share

The Mass Flow Controller is HORIBA’s flagship fluid measurement and control device. This high-end semiconductor manufacturing equipment is indispensable to the manufacturing process and greatly contributes to the development of the industry as a whole by controlling the critical flow rate of various gasses and fluids.

Within the global semiconductor market, HORIBA Mass Flow Controllers exceeds 50%*market share, this success speaks to its incredible value to our customers.

*As of April 2017 (company survey)

Bacteria and Cell Culture Processes

Bioreactors are used in the manufacturing process of biopharmaceuticals such as antibody drugs. This equipment immobilizes biocatalysts such as enzymes in insoluble carriers then washes them in a reaction solution to isolate useful compounds.

Controlling factors such as temperature, pH, pressure, substrate and oxygen concentrations as well as agitation speed helps to maintain the reaction conditions inside the vessel ensuring efficient use of the biocatalyst.

The flow rate of gas such as oxygen or carbon dioxide in the vessels is managed depending on the culture, and the HORIBA STEC Mass Flow Controller accurately controls and maintains a constant flow into the vessel.

Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-R100 Series

Digital Mass Flow Controller focuses on a variety of process applications where high levels of product performance with quality and integrity are needed. High accuracy (+/-1.0% S.P.) and performance without high cost options

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