Bali Hotels Now With Last Minute Instant Confirmations

Siaran Pers   •   Des 08, 2010 08:20 GMT

Greatest obstacle to get a room for the holidays in any of the hotels in tropical Bali was always the non-availability of rooms for any of the peak seasons. This has changed at where hotels themselves manage their room inventory inside the reservation system. Now availability and bookings get instantly confirmed at the best direct discount rates available.

"That is a big change to the old Balinese room request system that took up to 3 days to confirm any reservation" says Nyoman Tistawati of where some of the most popular Bali Hotels that have 80% positive or better customer reviews are listed. "Since the hotels manage their own room inventory it is not only far more efficient for customers to know what's available in real time, it's also easier to manage for hotels. Bottom line is it's a valuable benefit to get the ability to view all hotels for any given dates in real time that are available now this moment. That is a huge time saver and great convenience factor especially for last minute bookings for people virtually already on their 'way to the airport'. Most major hotels in Bali are available through this reservation system, except of smaller ones and private villas. These still can be requested the old way, sometimes the benefit here is huge discounts the hotels don't even offer on their own websites. However because these hotels and villas have only very few rooms at these rates they basically require cash payment to guarantee the booking.

What would be a wire transfer for international visitors not currently in Bali. No problem for regular Bali visitors that visit Bali several times a year and are already familiar with the local system of trust. For first time travellers to Bali this might be too much to ask or understand, here the new instant confirmation system is a more viable option. Not only because all credit cards are accepted, also Paypal payments add to the convenience of last-minute travellers. "We are looking forward to see an increased number of hotels in Bali using the instant confirmation system, it's easier for customers and also hotel providers" says Nyoman Tistawati of - "possibly over 500 Bali Hotels will use it by 2011 when more local hotel providers are ready to switch from the slow manual process to the more efficient management of available resources".


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