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Top Tips for saving money with your car in 2017

Press Release   •   Jan 20, 2017 10:00 GMT

1. Do your research

It pays to do your research - and you don't even have to leave the house! You can review Petrol and Diesel prices around Ireland on websites like - a free website updated by the public.

2. Check your tires

Making sure your tires are accurately inflated and aligned can help save the pennies in the long run. By monitoring this, you can reduce the amount of drag that your engine must overcome. Tire pressure checkers are available at most filling stations- absolutely free!

3. Make some friends!

You can never have too many friends (so the experts say) so why not make yourself a travel buddy and cut your travelling costs in half by carpooling together! Carpooling is becoming more and more common among people across Ireland as commuter towns become increasingly popular.

4. Go Green

Going green can be a great way to save money - with the bonus of protecting the environment. Motor tax incentives and schemes are available on various Hybrid vehicles and you can even save you up to €500 per year on parking! Check out Go Green for up to 25% off - Go Green scheme available until February 28th 2017.

5. Be weight-conscious

January is a month that many associate with health and well-being, but we're suggesting you shed the extra pounds... from the car!

That's right, studies show that for every 100lbs (approximately 14,000 teabags) of weight in your vehicle, fuel economy decreases by 1-2%. Now we don't suggest you make your friends walk to the cinema to save you petrol, but it's a great excuse to clear out the car of any unnecessary items and who doesn't love a freshly cleaned car.

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