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New mobile smartphone smashes the competition

Press Release   •   Sep 15, 2010 14:50 GMT

Tel-Aviv, Israel (September 15, 2010) – A new wearable, ruggedized and watertight mobile smartphone called ‘the SUB’ that is currently being developed and privately funded by Round Trip Investments LLC in Israel, is tested by smashing competitors’ mobile phones with it.

So far, no other mobile phone has survived the test while the SUB remains undamaged. "This kind of ‘testing’ was not originally planned as part of our development and testing process," said Ran Weiss, CEO at Round Trip Investments LLC. "a moment of temporary outlet of emotion while I was talking to our head of development and the consequent reactions in the office, has led us to encourage all employees to smash competitors’ mobile phones with the SUB whenever they feel angered."

Women working in the company are reportedly more passionate smashers than men as they put more emotion into it, however, a sign posted on the CEO’s office door that says: ”WARNING! 1. Do not leave your mobile phone unattended! 2. Do not upset the boss! 3. The management is not responsible! 4. The management is not responsible!!!” further explains where the inspiration comes from.

Surprisingly, the SUB is not what you would expect it to look like considering its notoriety. The radical design uses an untraditional concept. Rather then carrying the Sub like any other smartphone you wear it on your wrist. And although the technical specification list can be compared to the top smartphones available on the market right now, the company’s marketing approach is to market the SUB as a fashion item.

“we align 4 different smartphone models on top of one desk with the SUB and let kids choose which one they would like to have the most. The SUB is always the winner” adds Ran Weiss, “if you look at other smartphone models they all look quite the same. We try to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry.”

The SUB is still under development and currently unavailable on the market. Round Trip Investments LLC is preparing for a second round of investment before launching its first model.

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