Best Baby Corn In Cans With Hygienic Processing Methods

Blog post   •   Apr 12, 2016 17:01 IST

Summary: Exporters that procure the produce directly and also take care in processing and preserving them ensure maintaining hygienic conditions while placing the Baby corn In cans.

The process of procuring the baby corn is a skillful task that can be done only by farmers that have the requisite expertise and experience in the field. The best corns are those that are picked at the peak of the harvest, immediately after the silk emerges. The sweet taste of the baby corns develops only at this early stage. The crop requires ideal temperature and moisture conditions that are neither too wet nor too dry for it’s optimal growth. The corns have a delectable taste that has made them a hot favorite across the globe.

The packaging factor

As they are fresh and tender when plucked, the best way to preserve the taste and good health is by placing the Baby corn In cans that are food-grade and sterilized for the purpose. The most commonly used preservative is the natural vinegar that will help the baby corn retain its characteristic taste for months after they have been plucked. The containers, of course, are air-sealed so that there is no possibility of any form of contamination by air or moisture. As they are grown only in restricted parts of the world, mostly in the east, they have to travel to far of lands in well-preserved forms.

Selecting and processing

The entire process of canning the baby corn is usually done at plants that are not too far away from the fields. This will ensure that only the best and the most fresh variants get packed for international consumption. Each Baby corn In Jar is usually hand-picked once they arrive from the fields so that only the most tender variants reach the consumers. Exporters that also process the corn for the final shipment ensure that their places have the necessary standards to provide corns that can be stored for long even after opening the cans.

The indigenous setup advantage

There are several Baby Corn exporters from India that indulge in strict quality control measures at every step of processing and canning the corns. There are water testing that are done every six months as well as pesticide residual control carried out regularly that the corns selected are of premium variety. The indigenous setup of the exporters also ensures that high level of hygiene of the international standards is well-maintained right from the beginning. This involves the careful selection of the farmers that are capable of bringing in the best quality of corns that have been picked at the right time. The raw material used for the packaging is also carefully monitored.

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