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Bharatbook Offering Ethicality & Sustainability in Alcoholic Drinks

Blog post   •   Nov 09, 2010 17:46 IST

Offering Ethicality & Sustainability in Alcoholic Drinks

Ethical and sustainability issues exert significant influence on the alcoholic drinks industry, which is often negatively implicated in discourse surrounding a range of social issues. Growing numbers of consumers not only acknowledge the urgency of environmental and ethical issues, but accept a personal responsibility to address them. This includes the products and services they purchase. ( )


* Comprehensive analysis of consumer values, attitudes and behaviors with regard to ethical and environmentally friendly consumption
* Detailed analysis of the most influential ethical/sustainable claims, with specific focus and implications for the alcoholic drinks sector
* Comprehensive market growth forecasts for the organic and Fairtrade alcoholic beverage market segments
* Covers alcoholic drinks, across 20 countries in five regions, and incorporates multiple waves of proprietary consumer research


Concern for the environment has intensified for the majority of global consumers in recent years. Indicative of just how significant the issue has become, around two-thirds of consumers are willing to endure some degree of economic burden to protect the environmental finding made even more relevant in the context of the global economic crisis

The importance of ethical/sustainability benefits to drinkers needs to be put into context; only minorities in most countries perceive that they are highly attentive towards the ethical positioning of alcohol brands. Nevertheless, considerable scope exists for ethicality features and benefits to rise up consumers'' hierarchy of purchase influencers''

Many consumers are deeply skeptical about large corporations claiming to go green, as very few companies are seen as honest to begin with. Highlighting the credibility gaps that impede take-up of ethical products, over one-quarter of global consumers stated that corporations'' declarations of their ethical practices were untrustworthy

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