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Considerations For Using Free IT Disposal Services

Blog post   •   Mar 27, 2012 13:04 IST

Awakened by the recent whistles of alarm of the environmentalists, thousands of entrepreneurs have taken to dispose their IT wastes in an eco-friendly manner. To cater to their demands and to make some money out of the initiative, a legion of companies has mushroomed overnight to offer free IT disposal services, each claiming themselves better than the other. Hence the problem does not lie in locating such a company to do away with your waste products. Instead, it is your alertness that will pay off in the long run in taking care of the issues that come up with hiring disposal services.

Before entrusting the job to some random company, you need to take some time to dillydally on the company’s disposal policies and procedures. The first thing to cast light upon is the disposal process. Usually, different nations have particular guidelines of doing so and the companies operating within the limits should adhere to them strictly. You as a client will basically have two concerns, first the environment, and second, your company data when you are bartering your computer hardware in exchange of their service. Thus, when hiring computer recycling services you have to ensure that disposal in large volumes to regular landfill is not done. 

At the same time, you should also ascertain that sensitive customer and employee data are not exposed through submission of computer wastes. In such cases, deletion of such data is a wise thing to do. The companies offer to do that on the behalf of their clienteles as they have both technologies and technicians to do the same effectively. When it comes to certain industries like medical and legal, handling personal info of the clients is guided by a series of stringent instructions. Thus, your data can only be protected fully if you hire an IT disposal service provider that will give this fully priority.

Your duty does not end with receiving of a promise from their end. Look into the process by which the computer recycling company concerned destroys the data. Remember that the obvious deletion of files is not adequate to protect the privacy. Make sure that they turn the hard drives useless before disposing them. Finally, a destruction certificate should be handed over to you after the old equipments are bade farewell to. The record will be the ticket of peace of mind as you will know for sure that the items handled have been perished lawfully.