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ERP Training, Career and Course in India

Blog post   •   Dec 06, 2011 11:16 IST

For the successful operations of an ERP system it is very important that the employees who use the system must be trained

properly. Training should not be confined only the initiall training but there is a need for continuous training programs and

refresher courses for the ERP success.

In every organization there will be occasional new recruitments of employees and these employees should be properly trained

in the basics of ERP and how to use the ERP system before they can be allotted to different departments. So there must be

an induction, orientation and training program that is conducted on a regular basis.

Mainly the ERP training strategy has two objectives - the transfer of knowledge from the vendor's personnel and external

consultants to the organization's key personnel and the dissemination of this knowledge through the organization. More

precisely, the learning objectives establish what the learner should be able to do as a result of the training. Knowledge may be

sought, particularly if related to operational best practices.

An ERP training strategy can be developed defining the ERP training policy and outlining the training program. Each steam will

be identified and outlined in terms of the above stages. The strategy will provide an overview of the training objectives,

identifying the people involved, the different streams and the content of each steam, organized into courses and sessions.

In many cases while organizations spend whopping amounts on ERP software and its implementation, training of employees

who are assigned to run the system is getting neglected or not provided adequately. This act amounts to improper handling of

the ERP system which ultimately results in sub-optimal performance of the system or in some cases failed implementations.

eresource Academy has developed program dedicated to training users in every aspect of the Integrated ERP software

system. Its exclusive ERP training course gives an opportunity to the users of ERP systems and other IT professionals to get

acquainted with ERP software. This course caters to the vocational needs of the students and is concurrent with the software

engineering and technology syllabus covered by the major universities.

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