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Five Common Mistakes That Degrade the Potentials of Injury claims

Blog post   •   Oct 05, 2012 16:53 IST

Undervalued claims: An attempt to find the reasons behind

Every year thousands of accident victims file injury claims in the courts of the UK.  Many of the victims prefer filing claims without the help of the solicitors whereas many others seek professional intervention. The problem of undervalued claims is widespread. Many claimants are found unsatisfied with the amount of compensation they are awarded for their losses and damages. For this, many compensation claim experts and the insiders of the industry blame the shady legal firms that are run by unauthorized and inexperienced solicitors. This cannot be denied as there are quite a few bogus agencies are now operating. However, the claimants also make some common mistakes that drastically degrade the merit of their claims. What are these common mistakes? Let’s take a brief look at.

  • Concealing previous accident records: Many accident victims assume that the accidents that they met in the distant past are not relevant to the most recent ones for which they claim for compensation. They suppress these facts and conceal important information from their injury claim solicitors. If you are going to file a compensation claim lawsuit, keep in mind that the other party or their appointed solicitors can easily access the database of your insurance agency and your past accident records will surely be excavated by the insurer of the other party. If you are caught lying, that can significantly devalue your case’s merit.
  • Rushing to a solicitor without visiting a doctor: Accident victims should prioritize taking medical treatment which most of them do not do, quite unfortunately. They hastily choose from the solicitors they come to know about by browsing the web and ask for their intervention without visiting the doctor. If the injuries are not assessed through the proper clinical assessment procedure, it may belittle the value of the claims.  This is a common mistake made by the claimants. They do not prioritize seeking medical attention and that marks down the monetary value of their injury claims.
  • Not consulting a legal expert: This is the third most common mistake made by the accident victims. They take hasty decisions when it comes to filing a lawsuit against the wrongdoers. Consulting with a legal expert is an elementary step towards filing accident compensation claim lawsuits, which they do not understand. As a result, they often end up receiving less than owed compensation payouts from the losing parties.
  • Not gathering the evidences: Many accident victims feel that all they need to do for winning these lawsuits is to show their injuries to the juries, which is completely a wrong idea. An accident victim should not fail to gather the documents and evidences as instructed by his solicitor.
  • Not knowing how to deal with the insurance liaisons: Accident victims do not understand the role of the insurance company liaisons and they fail to interact with them in the correct manner. A lot of persuasion and negotiation skills are required for dealing with these people and only the experienced solicitors know how to deal with them.  

Accident victims often take resort to no win no fee solicitors with a belief that they won’t have to pay anything in the event of losing. But this is a partial truth. It is true that they won’t have to pay the fees of the solicitors. But it should be kept in mind that the losing party may need to pay the legal costs of the other party. Apart from that, a losing party is also required to pay the disbursements. These payment T&C are clearly stated within a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which most of the victims do not go through. Gathering relevant information is highly important for filing and winning injury claims.