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Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccines Market Analyzed Closely in New Market Research Report

Blog post   •   Jan 30, 2018 17:58 IST

Study on Equine Pharmaceuticals and Supplements Market by Infinium Global research is comprehensive presentation of qualitative and quantitative research to identify key trends, growth prospects, drivers, restraints and opportunities in the Global market. The report also deep dives into the sub-segments of Equine Pharmaceuticals and Supplements Market by product type (pharmaceuticals and supplements), by distribution channels (veterinary hospitals, drugstores, and some others) through main geographies in the Global Market such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and RoW. Browse through over 100 tables and figures to get complete view of the global and regional markets of Equine Pharmaceuticals and Supplements over the period of 2017 to 2023..

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a severe and immensely contagious disease generally seen among cattle, deers, goats,sheep, swine another cloven-hoofed domestic as well as wild animal species. A virus aptho virus from picornavirus family infectsfoot and mouth in those animals. Asia1, A, C, O, Southern African territories 1, 2, and 3 are the seven sero types of FMD virus. Presence of some of the sero type viruses’is limited to certain geographical regions.Symptoms of FMD include blisters similar to sores on mouth, lips, tongues,teeth as well as between the hooves, depression, fever, foot lesions followed by severe lameness and reluctance to move, loss of appetite, and, reduction in milk production.Mixed breeds are more susceptible to FMD than the traditional breeds. Though fatality among adult animals is less, younger ones have high mortality. Infected animals release the virus through feces and other bodily secretions. As it is a viral disease, it can spread faster among animals and economically affect countries. FMD outbreaks can affect the food supply chain of major food commodities such as cheese, milk and meat. FMD leaves animals weakened. FMD vaccinations can help in controlling the outbreaks. FMD vaccines contain the sero type of the virus.

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Segments Covered:

The report segments the global FMD vaccines market by product,application and region. On the basis of product, the market is segmented as conventional and emergency. Based on application, the market is segmented as cattle, goat, pigs, sheep and others.

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Bago S.A.

Bayer HealthCare


Brilliant Bio Pharma

Botswana Vaccine Institute

Indian Immunologicals Ltd


MSD Animal Health

Vallee S.A.

VETAL Animal Health

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Key topics covered:

1. Preface

2. Executive Summary 

3. Global FMD Vaccines Market Overview

4. Global FMD Vaccines Market Analysis, by Product 2017 – 2023

5. Global FMD Vaccines Market Analysis, by Application 2017 – 2023

6. Global FMD Vaccines Market Analysis, by Region 2017 – 2023

7. Company Profiles

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