Fresh And Naturally Preserved Jalapenos From India

Blog post   •   Apr 13, 2016 11:18 IST

Summary: The top line of exporters of the Jalapenos from India.procure high-quality produce from farmers and process them with health and hygiene standards to cater to the international demands of consumers.

The hot and spicy Jalapenos are as teasing as the tropical temperatures that they grow in. The medium sized chili pods belong to the family and the species of Capsicum, with a hot and spicy taste that is used to spice up dishes and are most commonly available in the market in the canned or bottled form cut into slices to prevent your hands from bearing the hot burning sensations. They are cultivated in almost all tropical areas of the world especially in those areas that are close to the equator. They are usually green in color when they are plucked fresh though when ripe may get a red, yellow or orange color.

The best produce of the land

Countries across the world especially the colder countries in Europe and America are the major importers of the high-quality Jalapenos from India.that are grown in the ideal climate to help the fruit attain the desired level of nutrients. There are major exporters that are involved in the first-hand procuring of the fruits from the farmers of the states in the country that have the ideal condition for their growth. The produce is brought into the factory directly from the farms so that the freshness of the fruit is preserved as the processing beings immediately.

The high-quality processing

The first step that any quality exporter will adopt for the process of placing the Jalapeno slices in Tins.is to wash them well with water. Each company has it's own expert testing and quality control method before the final packing process. This also involves selecting each chili pod individually so that there is no possibility of any pod that is not up to the mark to reach the consumer. After the manual selection process is over, the pods are neatly sliced with high mechanization precision. The slices are then placed into the tins, bottles, and the barrels as per customer demand.

Maintaining international standards

At each level of production, the exporters take care to maintain the internationally followed ethics of sanitization and the health measures like handling the fruits with gloved hands and with the masks on the hair and the face so that there is no possibility of any contamination at any level. Keeping in mind the health concerns of consumers, the preservatives that are used for the Jalapeno slices in Barrels.are usually natural vinegar that will preserve the chili pods withwithout affecting their taste and nutrient values. The Jalapeno is known to have good levels of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.

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